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Industry and science

RUB creates the perfect conditions for implementing scientific findings in the industry in good time.


The innovation workshop Worldfactory turns theory into practice. It strengthens the transfer of scientific results into industrial enterprises and society. The innovative Worldfactory concept is the interface where studies, research, and industry meet.

Worldfactory (German)

Bochumer Institut für Technologie

The Bochum-based Institut für Technologie (BO-I-T) is a centre for application-oriented research and development. At BO-I-T, higher-education institutions and industrial enterprises team up to form an interdisciplinary research and development institute. The team at BO-I-T provides advice on funding programmes, helps file applications for project coordination and administration, and liaises between RUB and industrial actors in the region. Thus, BO-I-T is materially involved in implementing scientific findings in the regional industry and building a bridge between academic research and commercial usage.

BO-I-T (German)

Cube 5

The startup incubator Cube 5 constitutes the stepping stone from research into the IT security sector. The team of experts at Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security introduces students to the subject of startups at an early stage and assists them during technology development and market entry. Cube 5 plants the seed of an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit in students during their studies and creates opportunities to acquire the necessary expertise for a potential future startup. Cube 5 covers the entire development cycle of startups in the field of IT security.

Cube 5

Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Transformation

The Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Transformation (CEIT) is a catalyst for projects with a sound economic foundation – in terms of research and in terms of application. At CEIT, the Faculty of Management and Economics at RUB bundles entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformation and, at the same time, strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, CEIT generates a regional transfer network incorporating scientific research and practical applications – as well as genuine future perspectives.

CEIT (German)

Centre for applied pastoral research

The centre for applied pastoral research (Zentrum für angewandte Pastoralforschung, ZAP) researches into sustainable, innovative, and ambitious developments of the church. The research community bundles expertise in the areas of theology, sociology, pedagogy, and religious studies. ZAP focuses on the transfer between research, ecclesiastical decision-makers, and the public.

ZAP (German)

Inventions and patents

RUB supports investors prior to invention disclosure with regard to questions on patents, trademark rights, and patent-based spin-offs. Researchers and other RUB employees submit their invention disclosures to division 4 at administrative department 1. In collaboration with Provendis GmbH, the division then assesses the inventions, files patents for the most promising ones, and commercialises them by selling licenses.

Job fair

The Stellenwerk job fair at RUB constitutes a contact platform for enterprises, students, and graduates. It took place in 2018 for the first time. In addition to numerous stands, it also offers a wealth of relevant programmes and services.

Job Fair

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