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Blue Square in the city centre of Bochum

Programmes and activities for Bochum citizens

RUB is deeply committed to transparency and promotes communication with the public.

Wherever possible, RUB makes its programmes accessible to visitors. Consequently, many faculties welcome the citizens of Bochum to their lecture series. The university sports department is open to the public. Glimpses into research, education, and life on campus are available at the news portal every day. At Blue Square, laymen have the chance to experience science and research up close.

Blue Square

At Blue Square, science meets public in the centre of Bochum. Citizens attending lectures, discussions and exhibitions have the opportunity to engage with researchers.

Blue Square (German)

Lecture series

All RUB departments organise lecture series where current research topics are scrutinised from different perspectives.

Lecture series

University sports

The university sports department is open to the public.

University sports


The news portal keeps interested members of the public up to date with regard to life at RUB.

News portal

Programmes and activities for the public
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