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In addition to research and education, the transfer of research knowledge and findings is the RUB’s third core competence. By providing a number of programmes, the university paves the way for ongoing exchange between science and industry. This includes traditional instruments such as assisting patent applications and consultancy for start-up entrepreneurs, as well as a comprehensive further education programme at Akademie der RUB. Moreover, we nurture entrepreneurship at an early stage and provide many opportunities for students to put their entrepreneurial abilities to the test and to hone them.

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Both inventors and prospective company founders benefit from RUB's competent consultancy and assistance with regard to the acquisition of third-party funding. RUB helps researchers and students develop business concepts and points out how they can be best implemented. To this end, RUB supports numerous research and development collaborations and incorporate practical applications and commercial challenges into education.

Innovationsaward der RUB

Transfer projects at RUB can apply for the Innovation Award until February 5, 2022. The prize is endowed with 15,000 euros.

Transfer and entrepreneurship at RUB

Transfer and entrepreneurship are embedded in key departments: on the Rectorate level represented by the Vice Rector for research, transfer and early career researchers, as well as on the administrative level represented by the administrative department for University Development and Strategy. Here, the division "Transfer and Entrepreneurship" is in charge of transfer and entrepreneurship. It supports the Rectorate in the strategic development of transfer between our university and the industry of the region. The central project managed by division is the innovation workshop Worldfactory. It promotes practice-oriented teaching formats and strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit at RUB.

Department Transfer and Entrepreneurship (German)

Interactive map: where transfer takes place at RUB

The RUB campus offers numerous activities and locations where academia and industry join forces and students can gain entrepreneurship experience. An interactive map provides an overview of the practice and transfer-oriented lectures and seminars on campus.

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