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RUB students have the chance to explore potential start-up options long before graduation.


The innovation workshop WORLDFACTORY is one of the central transfer and start-up projects of the RUB with the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of students, developing practical teaching formats and establishing cooperation projects between business and science. Scientists as well as students receive competent advice, rooms and infrastructure for the practical testing of their ideas and networking opportunities with like-minded people.

Worldfactory (German)

Study and research factory

The study and research factory (Lern- und Forschungsfabrik) offers students an interdisciplinary experience of the entire production process, from technology, through organisation, to personnel placement, in a hands-on and holistic approach. It combines theory, simulations, and role-playing games in an industrial production environment. The study and research factory facilitates collaborations with enterprises and joint project management benefitting both sides. It is thus a cornerstone of the innovation workshop Worldfactory.

Study and research factory (German)


The University Forum, or UFO for short, is the nucleus of the Worldfactory innovation workshop. Since 2016, students, teachers and researchers have been able to develop, test and implement ideas in the UFO. In the MakerForum, which is a preliminary stage to the planned MakerSpace, for example, various devices from 3D printers to soldering stations are available to further develop ideas.

In addition to event and seminar rooms, the UFO also offers a coworking space in which projects and start-ups can grow.

UFO (german)


Transfer O-Werk Luftbild (EN)
Aerial view of the former Opel site

At the former Opel admin building, the O-Werk is being established as a place where innovative approach will flourish: in addition to the Worldfactory MakerSpace, on an area covering approximately 2,000 m², it will also house Akademie der RUB, Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Transformation (CEIT), and the centre for applied pastoral research (Zentrum für angewandte Pastoralforschung, ZAP). Thus, O-Werk will become a place of productive and interdisciplinary exchange.


The project of RUB, RWTH Aachen University, and TU Dortmund University focuses on the development of virtual learning environments with the introduction, construction, and systematic integration of distance-operated lab facilities and computer-generated simulated experiments; another focus is international mobility.

The inSTUDIES project provides RUB students with more opportunities for developing individually specialised qualifications and to facilitate transitions, e.g. from school to university and from university to the professional world.

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