Innovationsaward der RUB

Innovation award

The Rectorate of Ruhr University Bochum awards the “QUBO – Innovation Award of Ruhr Univer-sity Bochum” to honour outstanding achievements by individuals, faculties, chairs, departments, institutions and student groups in the fields of transfer and entrepreneurship. The Innovation Award is worth €15,000 and is awarded once a year.

What will be awarded?

It is possible to apply with projects that were conducted after 1.1.2019 and that focus on the development and successful implementation of a transfer activity with an innovative character and/or a wide reach in at least one of the following five categories of the university’s transfer mission statement. Moreover, the project must incorporate the goals for sustainable activities as defined by Ruhr University Bochum:

  • Initiating dialogue & facilitating discourses: Sharing ideas with actors outside academia, e.g. by facilitating and shaping social discourse
  • Promoting partnerships: Strengthening strategic sponsorships and networks, all the way from basic research to application in the field, with the aim of transferring research results into practice
  • Establishing new career paths: Supporting start-ups established by university members that create new areas of employment in the region
  • Creating opportunities for exchange: Establishing networks of transdisciplinary actors and/or providing buildings for creative processes
  • Making new knowledge accessible: Designing training and further education opportunities to make new knowledge accessible to as many people as possible

Who can apply?

Only projects run by members of the RUB in the field of transfer and entrepreneurship are eligi-ble for the “QUBO – Innovation Award of Ruhr University Bochum”. This group includes:

  • Individuals, including researchers, lecturers and students...
  • Faculties, chairs, departments, divisions...
  • Other university institutions...
  • Student groups...

…that are members of Ruhr University Bochum and are active in the field of transfer and entrepreneurship.
Candidates can apply on their own initiative or be nominated by third parties. In the latter case, the application is to be submitted by the nominating party.

Which criteria will be applied in the decision-making process?

The application must clearly state:

  • in what way the project contributes to the objectives of the transfer mission statement and its five categories,
  • which specific measures have been implemented,
  • which effects have been achieved or are still to be expected
  • and in what way the project can be linked to at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to the Ruhr University’s definition of sustainability.

Which deadlines do apply?

The application deadline for the “QUBO – Innovation Award of Ruhr University Bochum” for 2023 is closed.

What is the amount of the award?

The “QUBO – Innovation Award of Ruhr University Bochum” includes

  • a prize of €15,000, which is awarded to fund excellent transfer activities and is not shared,
  • a certificate issued by the Rectorate
  • a trophy.

Who decides on the award?

The “QUBO – Innovation Award of Ruhr University Bochum” is generally awarded once a year by the Rectorate on the recommendation of a jury. The submitted applications are reviewed for completeness and then presented to the jury.

The jury consists of

  • one professor,
  • one research assistant,
  • four third-party members,
  • and the Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer in an advisory capacity.
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